Strategic Marketing

We have developed a unique and powerful approach to listing, marketing and selling our clients’ homes.

We collaborate with our clients to identify their home’s benefits and establish an appropriate target market. Our in-house marketing manager then crafts a plan to attract those buyers and then executes a multifaceted marketing campaign to create maximum exposure of the property to reach those individuals.

Now more than 92% of home buyers search online, that is where we put our focus and efforts, but don't ignore some of the traditional tactics that we know to be time tested.

Internet video traffic is estimated to take up 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic by 2018. (Cisco)

Video is not going to replace agents, but it's essential to use agents like us, who stay current and on top of our game and harness the power of the internet and rich media marketing tools like video as part of our real estate marketing campaigns.

Our in-house professional graphic designer and marketer accepts the responsibility of executing the marketing program for every listing, big or small.


Individual Property Portfolio

The webpage highlights all property features in a suitable, effective layout...

Individual Online Property Portfolio

A custom webpage will be developed that is custom-built for your home and will be hosted on a URL that is easy to remember (the street address). The webpage will highlight all property features in a suitable, effective layout. All marketing strategies will be geared towards driving traffic to that site, because it is there that potential buyers will easily have the most detailed information about the home and will be able to contact us directly through a custom contact form. In today’s competitive hustle-and-bustle world we don’t want prospects moving on to the next listing because they couldn’t access the information they wanted.

The typical online property portfolio would include the following:

  • A unique listing web page with the street address as the url

  • Detailed listing description

  • 20+ high resolution photos

  • Video tour

  • 3D virtual tour

  • Neighbourhood description

  • Google map

  • Individual Property Analytics

  • Floor plans

  • Room measurements

  • Property square footage

  • Contact details


Professional Photography

Listings with professional photos receive 118% more online views...

Professionally Done Photography

The first impression is crucial. If homebuyers aren’t sold on the images, they see online, chances are they will move on. It can also affect their perception of a home prior to seeing it. Listings with professional photos receive 118% more online views ( and that is why we hire iGuide for all listings. A good photograph will have a positive emotion associated with the home.


Video Tours For All Listings

Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries than homes listed without...

Video Tours

We create video tours for every listing and then distributed using YouTube and other video sharing websites in order to drive prospective buyers back to the individual property portfolio webpage. Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries than homes listed without video. YouTube is now the top video research destination for house hunters with a 51 percent audience share. (source: Leveraging video creates tremendous exposure for our clients listings.


Floor Plans & Room Dimensions

Floor plans allow people to understand the layout of the home before they see the home or to remember it after they have seen the home.

Floor Plans 

Floor plans help buyers consider if a property is right for them before they even walk through the front door. Serious buyers utilize floor plans for potential placement of their own furniture etc. Floor plans can also be helpful to interested parties if they were unable to view the property physically. Even if a home is not quite right, a floor plan will make it easier to see how the interior could be adapted. This is why a floor plan is a vital selling aid.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 4.30.57 PM.png

Interactive Virtual Tour

Viewers that have already seen the virtual tour are more likely prospects...

3D Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are a new technology that us agents can utilize for our listings; it is a 3D interactive tour. A property virtual tour allows the potential buyers to see the property online thoroughly, day or night, before committing time out of their day to view the property in person. Another advantage is that the viewers that have already seen the virtual tour are more likely prospects for the property, as they already have a clear idea of what the property is like.



Social Media Marketing

Facebook is an effective way to expose a home to a larger network of people...

Social Media

What do we expect to get out of posting on sites like Facebook and YouTube? We create goals and strategies that make sure every subsequent activity brings us closer to meeting it.

Our listings get displayed on Facebook, the largest social media platform of our time. When skillfully used, Facebook is an effective way to expose a home to a larger network of people.When it comes to paid advertising, Facebook can be one of the most effective ways to precisely target the audience you need to reach. Our marketing campaigns include several different forms of Facebook ad layouts. New listing video ads, open house canvas ads and individual property webpage promotion ads are some of the paid advertisements run for all listings.

A lot of realtors don’t see the value in owning a Google+ business page. Investing even a little bit of time and energy into a page on Google+ can improve local search visibility, especially for a small to medium-sized business. We utilize this overlooked platform to help get our website found by your potential buyers. Google+ content can rank in search results in instances where your website may not. Each post has a unique URL and, when the content generates interaction, can potentially rank in search results.

Given the price point of each property, LinkedIn can also be leveraged as it tends to be a more professional social networking site. In particular, we will use the platform to get the property seen by our target market.

And if the target demographic is right and we will also leverage Instagram.

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High-End Feature Sheets

A suitable feature sheet should answer every question in a buyer’s mind...

Feature Sheets

Our professional designed, high-end feature sheets include:

  • Written description which catalogues the details of the home

  • Professional iGuide photographs

  • Floor plans

  • List of property features

  • Square footage and lot size

  • Room measurements

  • A neighbourhood summary

  • An individual listing website URL so that buyers can utilize the interactive aspects of the site and share to interested parties

  • Contact information should they have any further questions.

Developing a good feature sheet is a true art form and requires a painstaking amount of attention, creativity and time. A low quality, flimsy, one-page info sheet consisting of only basic details printed off just doesn’t cut it anymore. A suitable feature sheet should answer every question in a potential buyer’s mind and present the property in a favorable light. A poor quality real estate feature sheet can have a negative impact on the perception of a property, resulting in potential buyers moving on to continue looking at other properties.